So, what is Personal Breakdown Cover?

There are two main types of Car Breakdown and Recovery policies; Vehicle Based and Personal Based Breakdown Cover. Personal breakdown cover is offered by AutoAid which means the driver is covered under the policy for whichever car they are legally driving at the time of needing Roadside Assistance.

By covering an individual, Personal Based Cover can mean that those who have access to more than one vehicle are able to capitalise, and perhaps save money, by having one policy protecting all the eligible vehicles that they drive. This means that members who perhaps own a classic car, or a motorbike, or whom access multiple cars within the same household can benefit from peace of mind knowing that their Autoaid membership covers them in all these vehicles.

Does Personal Cover suit me?

People have different needs but for those who have access to more than one vehicle, and who require Breakdown and Recovery Cover, AutoAid’s Personal Breakdown Cover may suit your needs best.

In addition to providing cover for an individual in any eligible vehicle, Autoaid also covers the policy holders legal partner in any eligible vehicle that he, or she covers also…for free!

Our extensive list of benefits for our Personal Cover Based service includes onwards travel, cover for vandalism, cover for towed caravans or trailers and even home start.

What if Vehicle Based Cover suits me better?

Whilst Autoaid only offers Personal based cover, meaning we cover a person to drive any eligible vehicle, rather than a vehicle covered to be driven by any eligible individual, we do have a sister company called Autonational, that instead covers a vehicle for any driver.


Cover for any Car you are driving!

AutoAid’s Personal Breakdown Cover gives you the flexibility to drive multiple vehicles with just one policy!


Inclusive Cover for your Legal Spouse

We’ll also cover your legal* spouse under your policy for no additional fee!


24/7/365 Nationwide Cover

We’ll cover you in any part of the U.K, any day of the year!


Cover for Theft and Vandalism

If your car is stolen and recovered, or can’t be driven as a result of damage caused by vandalism, we will take the vehicle to your home address or to a repairer of your choice.

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