Frequently Asked Questions

If you break down more than a mile from home, and if our operators can't quickly fix your vehicle by the roadside, we will tow you to any U.K onward destination of your choosing or a garage of your choice!

We appreciate that our members may prefer to spread the cost of our award winning membership, which is why we offer a monthly membership option, with all the same benefits as the annual membership, at just £6.48 per month!

With over 5000 specialist recovery vehicles and 1200 specialist operators to call upon, across the length and breadth of the U.K, we operate a 24/7/365 service, so even as much of the nation rests, we don't!

As well as proving amazing value for money Breakdown Recovery and Roadside assistance for our members, we also provide (for an additional cost) optional cover for a members legal spouse too, with all the same benefits included!

AutoAid Breakdown offers a breakdown insurance policy that is personal based. This means it’s you that we cover, not the car. With AutoAid Breakdown, you’ll be covered in any eligible vehicle you’re driving at the time of the breakdown. And as we offer optional cover for any legally recognised spouse* (for an additional cost) our policy is perfect for couples with access to more than one vehicle. In addition to Roadside Assistance, AutoAid Breakdown also provides cover for Caravans and Small Trailers attached to the vehicle, cover for Theft and Vandalism, and cover for Home Breakdowns...