Breakdown Cover Assistance for a Towed Caravan

With thousands of miles of glorious countryside to explore and hundreds and hundreds of miles of U.K coastline to meander, it’s no wonder that us British are so fond for our homes on wheels. But of course, it’s all very well ensuring a motorised vehicle towing a Caravan and has Roadside Assistance Cover, but what if there is an issue with the caravan itself whilst it’s being towed?

That’s why at Autoaid, we include free cover for a caravan or a trailer being towed by a vehicle that does meet our cover criteria at the point of needing assistance. And with thousands of specialist recovery and assistance vehicles at our beck and call through the U.K, we’ll get to you, no matter what, if you need us.

So, why let a minor incident or puncture to your towed caravan spoil your holiday? With Autoaid membership you can relax and explore with peace of mind.

Breakdown Cover Assistance for a Towed Caravan from Autoaid
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