Refer AutoAid and earn commission!

AutoAid Breakdown is a trusted provider of U.K wide Roadside Rescue and Recovery services. With our simple ‘Personal Cover’ product offering, our policy covers the policy holder in any car, or on any motorbike that they are driving or riding at the time of breakdown. We also cover older vehicles, though there is a slight premium increase if members have access to vehicles aged 15 years or over. We even cover caravans being towed, and camper vans too*

AutoAid constantly maintains an unsolicited 4.0/5.0 star review rating on Google and we’ve been positively mentioned or recommended several times on the Money Saving Expert website.

AutoAid now operates an affiliate programme so if you operate a website, blog, social media channel or opt-in marketing list, you can be rewarded, simply for referring business to us that turns into a purchase. Our commissions are generous too at £16 per policy sold, within our affiliate Terms and Conditions.

So, if you also like what we do and want to benefit by referring us and for your own visitors to benefit from our great, affordable service, simply click the link below to get started.

*Policy Terms and Conditions exist regarding the size and weight of vehicles covered.

For any queries relating to our Affiliate Programme, please contact us at: affiliates@autoaidbreakdown.co.uk